The battle in Batalik sector

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"I did not realize that the Lahore road would lead to Kargil."
AB Vajpayee, PM, asking why Pak had not raised doubts about
the LOC during his trip.

The capture of Pt. 5203

It was essential to first contain the enemy ingress before attempting to evict him.  Therefore, with aggressive patrolling and probing attacks 70 Infantry Brigade with 1/11 GR and 12 JAK LI succeeded in containing the enemy on Kukarthan – Tharu Ridge and Pt. 4812/Khalubar Ridge. 

1 Bihar launched full fledged attach in Area Jubar Ridge and achieved similar success.  Column of Indus Wing, Ladakh Scouts fought a tough battle at Rock Fall before succeeding in fixing the enemy at Chorbatla.  By first week of June, the enemy ingress was fully checkmated on all ridges.

A wedge was then made right up to the LC through Junk Lungpa between two ridge lines occupied by the enemy.  12 JAKLI, Company of Ladakh Scouts KK Wing and Team of 10 PARA (SF) was successfully employed in achieving this by 03 June 99. 

To permit uninhibited move along this, one company of 12 JAK LI, two Companies of Ladakh Scouts, a Company of 5 PARA and a column of 10 PARA (SF) wee employed to secure the Eastern flank by capturing Pt. 5203 and the Western Slopes.

The attack was launched on night 07/08 June 99 and 12 JAK LI columns successfully captured Pt. 5203 Top.  The enemy soon launched a stiff counter attack which was repulsed after fierce fire fight.  The gallant columns reinforced by 10 PARA (SF) held on to the position for 12 long days, degrading the enemy’s defense potential and breaking his will to fight thereby forcing him to buckle under pressure. 

Enemy was then evicted from the Western Slope by 0700 hours on 21 June 99 by launching simultaneous attacks with a strong column each of a Company of Ladakh Scouts  (Indus Wing), 5 PARA and Ladakh Scouts KK Wing.

In the Batalik Sector the enemy had intruded in large numbers and had secured three ridges.  The early recapture of these ridges was essential as it threatened to realign the Line of control (LC) and dominate the Batalik – Leh Route.   The area comprises an extremely harsh and hostile terrain with steep and rugged mountains at the heights from 14,000 to 18,000 ft.

Capture of Pt. 4812 and Pt. 5287

Capture of Pt. 4812 was critical as it offered a foothold on the formidable Khalubar Ridge.  12 JAK LI in five columns of 30 men each was pressed into attach on night 30 June/01 July.  Despite heavy enemy resistance, the brave jawans of 12 JAK LI captured the position by 0400 hrs on 02 July 1999. 


It was now the turn of the courageous Gorkhas.  1/11 GR less two Companies launched an attack on Khalubar complex from the direction of Pt. 4812 02/03 July.  Although a platoon cleared the position at Bunker Ridge, the Battalion remained pinned down till first light of 04 Jul.  finally, taking help of bad weather, Ghatak Platoon followed by one Company pushed the attack and captured Pt. 5287 followed by Garhi feature by 1430 hrs on 05 Jul 99.